How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work?

The multitude of benefits attributed to CBD has led more and more people to try this compound for themselves — whether for managing pain, anxiety and depression, sleep, or any of a number of other ailments CBD has been associated with helping. And the variety of options for CBD use has made this supplement more and more accessible — from CBD oil to gummies, topical solutions to vapes, there’s really something for everyone. But with variety comes some inconsistency, and many are left wondering, “How long does it take for CBD oil to work?”

While CBD is one of the more extensively researched cannabinoids present in the cannabis sativa plant, it remains a relatively new product. But while there’s much we’re still learning, we do know there are several factors that determine how quickly (or slowly) CBD begins to work. Depending on these factors, you could experience the effects almost instantly, or it could take as long as 2 hours after use. It’s even possible for the effects to be so slight at first that you don’t notice a change for days (but we’ll get into that later).

How Fast Does CBD Oil Work? What Are the Factors?

From the type of CBD you’re taking to how you take it to your own physical characteristics and more, there are many factors that work together to determine how quickly CBD will take effect. Ready?


The potency — or strength — of the CBD product you’re taking is definitely an important factor. Two main points to consider when looking at CBD potency:

Which method is used to extract CBD from the plants? NuLeaf Naturals utilizes a green extraction method (CO2 extraction), which allows us to obtain the greatest cannabinoid and terpene content. Though not every CBD supplier utilizes this method, it’s considered the golden standard within the industry, and it’s what you should look for when selecting your CBD source.
Are the products third-party lab verified? Consumers are advised to do their own due diligence to ensure they’re receiving a quality product. One of the easiest ways to do this is to check the results of the manufacturer’s independent third-party testing. Those results should be readily available online. If not, you should find another source.

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